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The Best Projector for Your Office and Business

How to choose the best projector for your business and office

It’s essential to do a bit of research on different office projectors before deciding which one would be the ultimate investment for your business. Let’s face it, even the most intricately crafted presentation can fall victim to bad circumstances like an inadequate display. The first thing most people consider is the size of the screen. While that is an important factor, the picture quality of the office projector makes all the difference between a good presentation and an amazing one. Depending on the types of presentations that will be made, you’ll also need to consider the throw ratio of the office projector, and the onboard sound and connectivity options.

Laser Light vs Lamp Projector

Lamp projectors have been the go-to choice of business and office projectors since they were introduced to the market, and although the lamp projector is still popular, laser light projectors offer stunning visual clarity and incredible color detail. And because of their short distance from the screen, they’re the best option for minimizing shadow disruptions when interacting with the screen during a presentation.


Pros and Cons of Laser Projector


  • Displays thousands of pixels for high resolution
  • Switches on quickly so you can get down to business
  • Sufficiently bright for daytime meetings
  • Low maintenance
  • 20,000 hrs lamp life


  • Relatively more expensive than lamp projectors


Pros and Cons of Lamp Projector


  • Relatively cheaper


  • Limited flexibility
  • Takes some time to display the image clearly
  • High maintenance 
  • Vulnerable to shadow disruptions and glare
  • 5000 hours bulb lifetime

Image Quality


The perfect picture quality not only makes for an exceptional movie experience, it can also make an office presentation memorable enough to secure a potential client. First and foremost, unless the office projector is being used in a blacked-out room, the display should be bright enough to withstand ambient daylight. In order to achieve this, search for a projector that has at least 2000 ANSI lumens of brightness. Read more about How ANSI Lumens Affects Your Viewing Experience


The image resolution is determined by the number of pixels displayed per square inch of any given screen. The higher the resolution, the more details will be visible to provide high-definition imagery. The best projectors on the market today boast 4K Ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution to display more than 8 million pixels for the finest image quality.


High contrast displays allow you to accurately depict the difference between two similar but different colors. When presenting a client with a logo design, for example, it’s essential to distinguish between a dark yellow and a light orange. 

Throw Ratio

Regardless of the size of the room, an office projector should display a screen that’s large enough for everyone to see. A long throw projector requires enough space between itself and the screen, so it may not be the ideal option in a smaller room, mainly because that space leaves room for shadow disruptions from members of the audience. Ultra-short throw (UST) projectors like the Formovie THEATER need to be placed less than 50cm from the screen to achieve a screen size of up to 150 inches.

To get a better understanding of throw ratio, you may be interested in Ultra Short Throw vs Long Throw Projectors - Which Should You Choose? 

Sound Quality

Oftentimes, presentations include videos and may need the audience to listen to what is being said. A low-quality built-in sound system can be a hurdle in these instances, so find out which office projectors have speakers with high wattage, sufficient enough to fill a room with audible sound.

Connectivity Options

Ensure that your office projector has multiple wireless and direct connectivity options like WiFi or HDMI. This grants you the ability to go the extra mile and connect an external sound system if you can’t find a suitable built-in one, and it makes it really easy to access any type of file whether it be on the cloud or on a USB. 

Why Formovie THEATER Is a Great Office Projector

This 4K UHD UST projector was ranked one of the best of the year 2022, and it came out on top at the 2022 Laser TV Showdown in the triple laser category. It reaches peak brightness at 2800 ANSI lumens and has an incredible 3000:1 FOFO contrast rate for vivid color contrast. 

  • Bower & Wilkins speaker enhanced with Dolby ATMOS for immersive sound 
  • 8 connectivity ports + Bluetooth and WiFi
  • 4K UHD Resolution with Dolby Vision for an accurate display of colors
  • The screen adjusts to 150-inches for maximum viewing
  • 2800 ANSI lumens and 3000:1 FOFO contrast rate

Of course, there are factors to consider such as the portability of the office projector if, for instance, the presentation is taking place off site. You could look into investing in a portable projector such as the Formovie Mini Projector Dice, or the ultra-sleek Formovie P1 Projector.

The Right Projector Makes Business Better

Choosing the right projector can transform any presentation into an experience for your audience and help them to better align with the vision you’re hoping to create. Supreme image quality, sufficient sound, and multiple connectivity options should make using your projector easier and more enjoyable.  

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