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Formovie Reigns Supreme at the 2022 Laser TV Showdown

Formovie THEATER wins the 2020 laser TV showdown hosted by and projectorcentra.coml

Laser TVs are shaking the ground in delivering home entertainment that certainly stands firm in competition against the standard flat-panel HD TV. One notable reason is that a Laser TV provides a larger, adjustable screen size for less money than some regular TVs. More manufacturers have started to make this technology available to the consumer and naturally, enthusiasts are curious to know which manufacturer has hit the nail on the head to create the best Laser TV so far. The 2022 Laser TV Showdown sought to answer just that question, and we’re proud to announce that the answer is Formovie THEATER

How Was the Winner Chosen?

The event which was a joint effort between and Projector Central brought together some of the biggest and most influential names in the world of projectors, to decide upon the ultimate laser projector of 2022. There were a total of 14 Laser TVs battling it out for the title: 8 single laser projectors, and 6 triple laser projectors all judged by a panel of six. Formovie is described by Brian Gluck, co-host of the showdown and President of, as “the new kids on the block” in the competition against five other triple laser projectors by VAVA, Hisense, AWOL Vision, LG, and Samsung. The competition was tough but fair, and the event organizers took special care to ensure that none of the competing brands were in any way connected to the sponsorship of the event. The task at hand was mammoth enough for it to be decided that the built-in soundbar of each projector would be evaluated and judged in a completely separate showdown.

The TVs were placed through a series of tests to determine the winner, and they were rated based on color accuracy, and resolution detail with both still and motion pictures. Also taken into consideration were the contrast, brightness, and black level/shadow detail. All of the projectors had been calibrated to display in a bright room (SDR Day), SDR Dark Room, and HDR Dark Room. One of the judges, Chris Eberle said that “this is the first time that a series of UST projectors played the same content at the same time, all next to each other.” Each of them was displayed on a 100-inch Spectra Projection Vantage ambient light rejecting screen, specifically designed to be paired with an ultra-short throw projector to produce the most ideal display. 

Formovie THEATER 4K Ultra-short throw projector home theater

What Were the Results?

Most judges had not heard of Formovie before this showdown and didn’t expect the underdog to perform so highly against its competitors. The Android TV 11.0 operating system and Color Management System (CMS) allowed Formovie THEATER to be calibrated to the competition standards in order to claim the title. 

Formovie THEATER is described on as being the best overall performer in its class, scoring 10/10 in five categories of the scorecard at the Laser TV Showdown. These are a few of the criteria we were judged upon. 

Formovie THEATER awarded best short throw projector


Award-Winning Home Entertainment 


Although it was not a part of the judging criteria, Formovie THEATER is said to be much smaller in comparison to other laser TVs, making it a sleek accessory in any living room or theater. In addition to having a Dolby Atmos enhanced sound system, it was also the only Laser TV that was compatible with Dolby Vision. This award-winning triple laser projector offers an experience like no other at a very competitive price, making it the best choice for your home entertainment area.  


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Formovie THEATER 4K home projector laser TV

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