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Brilliant Attention to Detail

Impeccable Clarity & Brightness

True 500

CVIA lumens

CVIA Lumens is a brightness standard that, unlike ANSI Lumens, takes into consideration the different testing conditions, color standards and temperature, and specifications for each projector. Learn More >


brightness higher

A Vivid Expression of Colors


ultra-high contrast



An Immersive 120” Display

Stream It All in One Place

Dolby Audio Immerse Yourself in Sound

One Touch to Setup

Auto Keystone Correction

Auto Focus

Obstacle Avoidance

Welcome to Google Assistant

A little help to get things done.

Chromecast built-in is a platform that allows users to stream their favorite entertainment from their phone, tablet or laptop right to their TV or speakers.

Seamless Interaction

A Fully-Enclosed Light Engine is Always Better


A Longer-Lasting, Dustproof Design

A Quieter Cooling Mechanism

Ease of Access

The Full Entertainment Package

Fast, Stable Connection