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Can a Portable Projector Enhance Your Camping Trip?

Can a portable projector enhance your camp trip

Visiting a campsite with the ones you love allows you to do way more than connect with nature, it’s an opportunity to create timeless memories and new bonds with your friends and family. Imagine the vast landscape, fresh air, and the night sky as you all laugh around the campfire sharing stories. You may enjoy some traditional camping activities like collecting firewood to roast the fish you catch during the day, perhaps a scavenger hunt, and a classic campfire scary story session to top it all off. Bringing a portable projector along could just take your camping trip to the next level by bringing a new twist to your usual outdoor retreat.

How Does a Portable Projector Enhance the Experience?

  • A compact projector delivers a big screen that’s perfect for creating an outdoor theater where you can enjoy classic horror movies as an alternative to scary stories. You’ll be captivated by the big screen and the awesome colors on display.

  • You can also have karaoke under the stars thanks to the speaker that’s built-in to the portable projector. Seamlessly connect your smartphone and screencast your favorite karaoke tune from YouTube.

  • Or, you can put a spin on the scavenger hunt and have everyone take pictures instead of collecting physical objects and potentially damaging the environment. The participants’ pictures can be judged fairly and simultaneously by everyone as they’re displayed on the big screen. Add an extra point for whoever takes the best picture of each item on the list. 

Choosing the Right Projector for Camping

There’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect camping trip, especially if you’re used to the convenience of the city. Planning the meals and bringing eating utensils, packing the tents and making sleeping arrangements, not forgetting your toothbrush… The last thing you want to worry about is forgetting the projector, and that’s why a portable projector is the perfect guy to squeeze into your luggage right next to the power bank. However, that mini projector should pack an impressive punch to deliver the ultimate outdoor experience. Here’s what you should look out for.


You’ll definitely be spending most of the day enjoying the splendor of nature outdoors, and when the sun goes down, the night sky also comes alive. That’s the best time to bring out the projector. It should offer at least 500 ANSI lumens of brightness in order to display a brilliant image under the night sky. The Formovie P1 and Formovie Dice projectors reach peak brightness at 800 and 700 ANSI lumens respectively, which is more than enough for an immersive and colorful display in the dark. 

Read more about ANSI lumens in this article.

Easy to Set Up

Getting the portable projector up and running should be just as easy as it was squeezing it into your bag. It’ll be highly inconvenient if the projector you buy works best mounted on a tripod, so make sure your projector works just as well when placed on any random flat surface. Automatic keystone correction is a great feature to have, and like the Formovie Dice projector, having autofocus simplifies things even further. 

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Playing your content on the big screen should also be easy, and ideally cable free. The outdoor projector should offer wireless screencasting and a USB port.

Battery Life

It’s possible that you’ll have the option to charge your devices while on the camping trip, but if not, it comes in handy to have a projector with strong battery power or is easy to recharge. The Formovie Dice comes with 16000 mAh of battery power to give your hours of entertainment.  

Portable Projectors from Formovie

Formovie has two portable projectors that are built to meet different needs while remaining equally powerful in their own right. 

Formovie P1

Formovie Pocket Laser rojector P1

The Formovie P1 enhances every space by conveniently projecting a big screen while you hold it in your hand like a smartphone. You could even arrange to keep everyone entertained in the minibus on the long drive to the campsite. It’s powered using a Type-C cable so it’s easy to connect to portable power sources like a power bank, plus it has built-in sound to minimize the need for additional plug-ins. The Formovie P1 uses a laser light source to display vivid and bright images on a screen that’s up to 100 inches wide.

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Formovie Dice

Formovie Mini Projector Dice

The Formovie Dice has a Dolby and DTS-certified built-in sound system that’ll bring your karaoke under the stars to life. It can be conveniently placed on the ground a short distance from the screen and out of everyone’s way while they dance in the moonlight. This portable projector supports the display of HDR10 format to deliver scenes that look realistic. 

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Make Your Next Camping Trip an Epic One

It’s okay if you suddenly want to plan an entire camping trip around the fun things you can do with your projector, we believe a portable projector should be a part of every camping trip. Engage with us on Facebook and Twitter to share more activities a portable projector lets you enjoy with your friends and family on a camping trip.

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