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Formovie P1 Pocket Laser Projector

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  • Up to 100'' large screen
  • ALPD® light source
  • 800 lumens
  • Built-in speaker
  • Support wireless screen casting
  • Type-C charging port
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    $249.00 $399.00
    100-inch Large Screen Projector Formovie P1 Laser Projector

    Up to 100'' large screen

    Formovie P1 Laser Projector with ALPD technology has longer lifer time

    ALPD® light source

    Formovie P1 Laser Projector with 800 ANSI Lumen brightness

    800 lumens

    Formovie P1 Pocket Projector

    Built-in speaker

    Formovie P1 Pocket Laser Projector with auto keystone correction

    Vertical auto-keystone correction

    Formovie P1 supports wireless screen casting

    Support wireless screen casting

    What's in the Box

    What's in box : Formovie P1 Laser Projector
    What's in box : Formovie P1 Laser Projector Power Cable
    What's in box : Formovie P1 Laser Projector Warranty Notice




    Light Source

    Throw Ratio


    Contrast ratio


    Wireless screen casting




    0.23" DMD

    Native Resolution


    Picture Size

    40" to 100"


    800 lm


    Built-in speaker

    Power connector

    Type-C PD

    Power Consumption

    ≤ 30W

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Jason Hurd
    Portable p1

    My experience on the Portable p1 projector in my personal opinon & it's worth every penny i spent on this device. I now have the option to have a mini theater in any room, & anywhere i have enuff space to project on to. 100 incihes of viewing pleasure is pretty awesome. We're talking 10feet of any movie or tv show you want, anywhere, & any time. I can't compare this to to any other portable projectors out there, but this thing is pretty awesome. Picture quality i would give it a 7 out of 10. I have yet to purchase a screen for it. I'm currently viewing it on an all white simi gloss painted wall & i have no complaints. Although i will be purchasing a screen for it soon, but as for now, I've unplugged my tv & all i want to do is watch everything on this projector. Maybe the screen may have a little less glare because of my simi golssed wall. I personally love this device. This projector pretty much takes up my entire wall in my bedroom. The sound is very poor, but to fix that problem i connected a speaker that has a aux conection, probelm solved. You get the sound you want to create that movie type atmosphere. At first i was going back & forth debating whether or not to buy the projector. I finally decided to give myself a gift & i couldn't be more excited about my purchase. You will not be mad if you buy this device. I also have a 70inch flat screen, & I'm more excited to watch the p1, than i am to watch my television. It amplifies your viewing pleasures. In the future i will definitely be buying the big formovie projector, but for now im going to use this device until that day comes. Put some movies on an usb drive & you have all the movies you want, pack it all on the carrying case, & you're good to go. I literally take this thing with me everywhere i go, just incase i want to create a movie night with friends or family. I'm givin my reviw to encourage others who may be thinking about it but not sure. Yes it took a while for me to receive device, maybe a month or 2, just because they were out of stock when i made my purchase. But when i finally got it, no complaints. For the price, & the quality, GO FOR IT. 👍 👍 I hope this review helps you to become part of the formovie family. Once you show this to those who don't know about this will want one for themself.. To help with the sound quality i purchased a sound bar with an aux connection. Im good to go. Look online & look up speakers wit aux connections, make sure you buy an aux cord & c cable long enuff to reach atleast 10 feet or more.

    charles ernst
    great bright image... issues with Wifi

    This thing is bright for the size. The auto keystone is a neat feature. I still can't get the wifi to connect to any of my wifi routers. Always says "Fail" and there isn't a way to configure settings or no error codes to help decipher the issue. Still as a HDMI projector I am super pleased. Only other thing is I ordered it with the US power adapter and it still came with the Euro one. No big deal I have an adapter.

    Jemy S.
    It's great !

    The image is clear, bright, even when stretched a bit wider than the recommended 100", the sound is clear, as a projector it has surpassed my expectations for a great price.

    Santos Garza
    Not bad

    It’s a good projector for the price. Just wish it had a remote. But other than that, not bad.