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Formovie P1 Laser Projector
All You Need to Know – Formovie P1 Pocket Projector 

Entertainment can come in all shapes and sizes, and if you want the option to take your entertainment anywhere, the Formovie P1 Pocket projector could be the mini projector that you need.

Formovie Valentine's Day ideas for couples at home
Plan a Romantic Night-in with Your Valentine and Formovie

Formovie is here to remind you that a romantic Valentine’s day at home may be exactly what you need to feel more connected to your significant other, and we’ve got a few ideas to get you started. 

Enjoy Endless Content with Google TV Apps on Formovie Projector
Enjoy Endless Content With Google TV Apps

The best part about an OS like Android TV is that it broadens your list of content to go beyond just entertainment, it’s possible to use it for work, studying, and keeping fit at home.

Formovie THEATER 4K Projector: How to destress after work?
Escape Work Stress with Your Formovie Projector

An article in the Corporate Wellness Magazine reports that 61% of people in America say that their main source of stress is related to work, according to research conducted by the American Institute of Stress.

Does Your Theater Need an External Sound System?
Does Your Theater Need an External Sound System?

Envision that unique space in your home where you can just walk in to immerse yourself in endless entertainment options on the big screen, and be enveloped in the magical film score acoustics beaming out of your sound system. The big question in this situation is, is the sound in your home theater sufficient?

For Immersive Entertainment Anywhere, You Need a Portable Projector
For Immersive Entertainment Anywhere, You Need a Portable Projector

One of the most ideal gadgets for someone who enjoys sharing entertainment is a portable projector, because it can inconspicuously turn a white wall into an entertainment area.

How to choose the best projector for your business and office
The Best Projector for Your Office and Business

It’s essential to do a bit of research on different office projectors before deciding which one would be the ultimate investment for your business. 

Does a Home Theater Have to Be Big?
Does a Home Theater Have to Be Big?

Building the ultimate home theater room has everything to do with size, but the size of your room doesn’t have to limit the huge size of your screen.  

Formovie New Year Gift Ideas
Formovie’s Gift Guide for the New Year

 As the year draws to a close, we’ve taken a delve into finding the best of these wonderful contraptions and compiled a list of the coolest gadgets and appliances of 2022 that you can gift to your loved ones for the New Year.

Spend Quality Screen Time with Your Family and Formovie
Spend Quality Screen Time with Your Family and Formovie

It’s become more important than ever before to spend time interacting directly with the younger members of our family and to monitor the content consumed by them. 

How to stream Netflix on Formovie THEATER UST Projector
Stream Netflix on Your Formovie THEATER – Here’s How

Netflix, however, isn’t currently a built-in feature of the Formovie THEATER, but you can still enjoy your favorite Netflix movies and series in the best way possible.

Watch Christmas movies on a huge screen projector
Snuggle Up for Christmas Movies with Formovie

Formovie has created the perfect list of family-friendly movie options for you to keep the whole gang snuggled up, entertained, and in the Christmas spirit.

Formovie THEATER set up guide
Set Your Formovie THEATER Up Like a Pro

The most important part of your setup process is finding the ideal placement for your UST projector, and deciding which wall is most suitable for screen placement.

Projector Guide : How to Choose the Best Ultra Short Throw Projector
Let Formovie Help You Choose the Best UST Projector

The options for laser TVs have increased as a result of consumer demand, and it’s become increasingly difficult to choose the best one for your home.

Formovie THEATER 4k projector for best gaming experiences
Gaming Is Far Better on a 4K Formovie Projector

While gaming on your pc or phone can be convenient, there’s absolutely no better way to be immersed in a game than with a massive 4K UHD screen. 

Why should you choose a 4k laser projector
Why Do You Need a 4K Projector? Formovie Has the Answer

With a majority of the latest films and television shows being produced in the highest possible quality, it’s quite essential to consider including a 4K UHD projector in your home theater.