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Formovie Spooky Movie List

Halloween movie recommendations for kids and family from Formovie

The weeks leading up to October 31st have been observed for generations as the spooky season, bringing old tales of witches, ghosts, and unspeakable monsters who could possibly come knocking on your door demanding copious amounts of sugar. In order to appease them, it is said you should illuminate your home with Jack-o-lanterns and prepare candy apples, or risk the mischief of their tricks. These are the dangers of Halloween night. We’d love to go into more gruesome detail, so we’ve compiled a list of eerie Halloween movies that tell these stories in stunning visual clarity,  just as Formovie was intended to do. 

Family Friendly Fright

Spooky doesn't always mean scary, but it’s always safer to face your fears in a group. This first batch of movies is curated for a light-hearted thrill that’s suitable for the whole family. 

Hocus Pocus 2

In 1993 when the Sanderson sisters were banished from existence, they cast a spell to reincarnate themselves with the power of the black flame candle. 29 years later, a teenager unknowingly awakens the spirits of the infamous witch sisters who are on a quest to steal the souls of children before the end of Halloween night.    

Goosebumps 2

The frightening creatures of the 62 childhood novels by R.L Stine have been brought to life again, unlocking fears that are meant to be safely bound by our imagination. Slappy the talking dummy will be brought to life by each pixel of Formovie’s 4K resolution.

The Addams Family 2 

An animated spectacle about the creepy Addams family who embarks on an adventurous road trip, in an attempt to grow closer as a family. The gloomy contrasting colors of this age-old family will be displayed in the finest detail by the ALPD and DLP lasers, which are designed for the accurate display of each distinct color.

Things That Go Bump in The Night

If you’re feeling brave enough to take a peak in the dark when the monsters come knocking, this part of the list will be a special treat. 

Trick ‘r Treat

After choosing to ignore the tradition to keep a Jack-o-lantern lit on Halloween night, a small town faces the consequence of being haunted by real ghosts and goblins. This is a classic Halloween horror film that’s bound to make you ponder on the origins of the season’s traditions.


Do you believe that the Candyman can be summoned by chanting his name 5 times while looking in the mirror? A curious research student jokingly unleashes the legendary Candyman in the small town that killed him for handing candy out to children. The Formovie THEATER's powerful built-in Bowers & Wilkins speakers with Dolby ATMOS are designed to enhance the creepy background noises of the movie and make them a realistic part of your surroundings, to make you feel the presence of the Candyman.

Product Recommendations

Created for an unbeatable theater experience, one of the best Laser TVs currently on the market is the Formovie THEATER which has been ranked as the top choice in both the display and sound categories of the 2022 Laser TV Showdown.   

  • It packs an impressive 1800 ISO lumens of brightness, 3000:1 FOFO contrast, and 4K Ultra-High Definition for crystal clear images day or night. 
  •  Supports both Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ for the best dynamic range video display.
  • Runs on Android TV 11 OS which supports more than 5000 streaming apps and limitless streaming websites.

Formovie 4K Cinema

  • Built-in Android TV 9.0 for an array of viewing options
  • 2100 ANSI lumens which are bright enough to tackle medium to high ambient light
  • ALPD® and TI DLP® Technology create an excellent display of RGB color in 4K UHD resolution
  • DTS & DOLBY certified speakers for crystal clear sound quality

Formovie Mini Projector Dice

  • 700 ANSI lumens deliver powerful brightness in medium to low lighting conditions 
  • Uses a DLP light source to produce HDR10 imagery 
  • DTS & DOLBY certified sound quality from the built-in speakers
  • Certified Android TV 9.0 grants you a variety of viewing options

Formovie P1 Pocket Laser Projector

  • ALPD® light source for an accurate display of a wide range of vivid colors
  • Built-in speakers provide the full package of entertainment in your pocket
  • 250 ISO lumens that are suitable for medium to low ambient light
  • Provides a screen size of up to 100-inches
  • Support wireless screencasting that eliminated the need for additional cables

A Story Adventure

Formovie projectors are specially designed to illustrate visual stories by enhancing the quality of your viewing experience, regardless of what you’re watching. The Formovie THEATER was recently used to showcase the first 150-inch Ultra-Short Throw projector screen in the USA, where it delivered breathtaking bright colors that are enhanced by the size of the massive light-rejecting screen for a completely captivating experience. Spoil yourself with any one of our portable projectors with a built-in sound system, adjustable large screen size, and the option to watch anything you want.

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