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What should I do if the projector won't connect to the WIFI?

 ① Check whether the WiFi name has special characters, modify the router wifi name and password to English/digital type, and try to connect again. ② If this WIFI has been connected before, please check whether the wifi password is correct. Select the WIFI name, right click on remote control and select "ignore this network", then re-enter the password. ③ Check whether the router opens the DHCP function. If DHCP is turned off, the TV cannot automatically obtain the IP address. ④ Check whether the router limits more terminal access. If the router only allows the white list device to access the WiFi, add the MAC address of the TV to the white list and try to connect. ⑤ Check whether the TV can be connected to another WIFI network (such as the hotspot a mobile phone): if you can connect, please restart or reset the router; ⑥ If you cannot connect, please restore the television factory settings before trying to connect to WIFI.

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