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How do I deal with a blurred screen on the projector?

For blurred screen: switch to other pages, or run third-party software to see if the screen is still blurred. ① If a blurred screen also appears in other pages, it may be a hardware or driving problem, please refer to the following: -Restart the laser projector, -Update system; - Or reset; -Implement after-sales testing. ② If other pages are displayed normally, it may be an abnormality of the current output source selected, or the current screen decoding is abnormal. Please refer to the following: -If connected to a set-top box or other HDMI devices, please check the problems of the set-top box and other HDMI devices, or whether the connection/interface is poorly exposed; -If a blurred screen appears to play video, it belongs to the abnormal video image decoding. Please prefer to upgrade the software version, such as updating the system or using a third-party video player. Vague and unclear for the picture: ① If all the interfaces (including fonts, images, and software interfaces) have blur problems, please upgrade the laser projector, or apply for after-sales testing; ② If the individual page is blurred, it may be a page UI problem; ③ If the picture is blurred in the video, you can try to switch the video resolution, or it belongs to the poor picture quality of the video itself; ④ If the laser projector is connected to a set-top box or an external HDMI device, and the screen blurs after the interface appears, please check the related settings (such as the output resolution) of the HDMI device.

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