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For Immersive Entertainment Anywhere, You Need a Portable Projector

For Immersive Entertainment Anywhere, You Need a Portable Projector

The fact that you can indulge in virtually all forms of content from the internet onto your smart device is one of the greatest pleasures of the digital age. You can enjoy all your favorite music, books, games and even videos in the comfort of your palm from almost anywhere with a smartphone. And while most cellphones have a screen with a resolution that’s perfect for movies, your enjoyment would be limited to the comfort of your palm. One of the most ideal gadgets for someone who enjoys sharing entertainment is a portable projector, because it can inconspicuously turn a white wall into an entertainment area.

What Does a Portable Projector Do?

Like any other projector, portable projectors can cast a massive display on a screen to create an entertaining ambiance in an instant. As the name suggests, the main difference with a portable projector is that you can bring it along with you to turn any room with a white wall into your personal theater. So you could host a movie night at home, or include it as part of the entertainment if someone else is hosting. In fact, you could even take it on a camping trip to enjoy a movie under the stars on a white sheet. There are a number of possibilities. 


Different Folks, Different Strokes

There is an abundance of the different individual types of portable projectors, but they usually come in two forms: Pocket projectors are extremely portable and discrete, and it’s possible to mistake one for an external hard drive or small tablet. They often need the support of a tripod or stand to remain in position, but they can be placed directly on a desktop or be used as hand-held devices in extremely remote circumstances. 

Formovie portable home projector P1


A Mini Projector looks like the miniature version of an actual projector, where the lens, built-in speaker, and battery are bigger than a pocket projector. A tripod can be used if you want to place the mini projector at eye level, but they are built to stand alone. 

Formovie portable mini home projector Dice

Mini Projector Pros and Cons

If perhaps you enjoy daytime entertainment, then the downside to owning a mini projector is that a) they’re usually not very bright, and b) that could have an effect on the picture resolution. However, in addition to your ability to take them anywhere, their power in a dark space is undeniable, and they’re much more affordable than the traditional home theater projectors with most of the same features. 

  • Connectivity Options
  • There are smart projectors that can use your WiFi connection to access an array of material directly from the internet, just like a smartphone. Alternatively, you can cast content from your laptop or smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth, or with a USB cable.

  • On board sound
  • You needn’t worry about carrying an additional sound system if you’re taking the portable projector out into the world. Built-in speakers are the cherry on top with all portable projectors because they complete the entertainment system. So it is possible to use your projector to also enjoy music videos and start a small dance party. 

    Formovie Portable Projectors

    Formovie projectors utilize ALPD laser technology to display brilliant images, so even the portable projectors are capable of delivering stunning big screen entertainment. 


    Formovie P1 Pocket Projector

    The Formovie P1 Pocket Laser Projector is one of the thinnest projectors currently on the market. This small machine provides big screen entertainment almost anywhere and can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, almost like a smartphone. It can display a screen that’s up to 100 inches wide for a fully immersive experience.

    Formovie home laser projector mini P1
    • 250 ISO lumens, which is suitable for viewing in the evening
    • ALPD® laser technology for a more accurate color display
    • Supports wireless screen sharing from any smart device 

    Formovie Mini Projector Dice

    The Formovie Mini Projector Dice displays a screen that’s up to 200-inches, with a beautiful 1080P full HD resolution. Screen can be projected 2.5m away from the wall. It reaches peak brightness at 700 ANSI lumens which are suitable for low to medium light.

    Formovie portable home projector Dice

    • HDR 10 for the enhanced contrast and color display 
    • DTS & DOLBY certified sound for semi surround sound effect
    • Certified Android TV™ 9.0 for more viewing options
    • Portable enough to carry or pack away


    The Mobile Solution

    Transform every evening into an entertainment getaway with a projector that you can take anywhere. Explore the Formovie range of portable projectors to start planning a memorable night out, and take control all your entertainment needs. 

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