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Make the Most of Your Streaming Services with a Laser Projector

Make the Most of Your Streaming Services with a Laser Projector

Like social media platforms, streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu have helped to make the world a smaller place by simultaneously keeping us connected to world events. TV shows and sports games only available to international audiences after a few hours or even months are now only a click away.

In addition to being extremely accessible, streaming platforms offer some of the highest-quality content currently available. A majority of streaming services like FuboTV, HBOMax, and Amazon Prime offer High Dynamic Range (HDR) sports and TV show content, which requires the best screen display to be enjoyed completely.

If you enjoy streaming or downloading videos to watch later on major platforms, an ultra-short throw (UST) projector can conveniently give you a massive display of everything with no additional plug-ins, helping you get the best out of your favorite streaming platforms.

The Best Display

A laser TV (or UST projector) does something that no smart TV can, it lets you adjust the screen. You can enjoy your favorite shows on a massive 120-inch screen to create a theater setting for a party, or you can downsize to about 80 inches for a more laid-back viewing session alone.

A list compiled by of The 6 best TV Brands in 2021, 2022, and 2023 reveals that even the best of these can only give you an 85-inch display at most, which is closer to the lower end of what a laser projector can provide.

A laser projector gives you a screen that’s big enough to host a viewing party when the new Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story series is released on Netflix on May 4th or Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures that’ll be available on Disney+ at the end of April.

 The Finest Picture and Sound Quality

The size of the screen will not compromise your viewing pleasure because laser projectors are made for large-scale entertainment. The finest laser projectors can enhance viewing pleasure because they can play HDR and Dolby Vision content to deliver the most realistic scenes.

Laser projectors are also more favorable than regular projectors for their ability to work in ambient lighting conditions, much like regular TVs. Unlike a lamp or LED projector that requires specific lighting conditions to flourish, UST projectors have at least 2000 ANSI lumens of brightness that make them suitable in daylight conditions (indoors or outdoors). A 4K UHD laser projector displays millions of pixels to bring even the smallest and finest details to life, whether you’re unwinding to scenes of nature on the Nat Geo TV app, or meticulously judging the creations on MasterChef.

The high-quality display of a flagship laser projector is often made better by the built-in sound system that’s enhanced by DTS or Dolby ATMOS. These enhancements create a surround sound experience that immerses the viewer by highlighting even the faintest of sounds, like leaves rustling with each footstep.

Save Space and Money

In the grand scheme of things, buying a laser TV can potentially save you more money than attempting to build a home theater with a large TV, external sound system, and a streaming box. Not only will you preserve more money, but you can also create a minimalistic, clutter-free entertainment area with an ultra-short throw projector. Smart laser projectors also allow you to stream content directly from the projector, and let you download a variety of your favorite apps directly onto the system for ease of access. 

Formovie THEATER Ticks All the Boxes

Out of all the ultra-short throw projectors currently on the market, the Formovie THEATER is absolutely one of the best. It won first place in both the display and audio categories of the 2022 Laser TV Showdown hosted by Projector Central and, and was judged by some of the most experienced reviewers in the projector world.

The screen on the Formovie THEATER adjusts to provide you with a display that’s between 80 and 150 inches so you can be fully immersed in shows from your favorite streaming service. It uses ALPD 4.0 laser technology to achieve vivid color accuracy and deliver cinematic 4K UHD entertainment in your home. The Formovie THEATER reaches peak brightness at 1800 ISO lumens to give you perfect displays throughout the day.

It’s the first laser TV to have both Dolby ATMOS and Dolby Vision certification, so it can definitely make the most of more content than a majority of other displays. The built-in Bowers & Wilkins speakers are perfectly enhanced by the Dolby ATMOS to deliver thrilling acoustics. It also runs on the Android TV 11.0 OS to offer more than 5000 streaming services to choose from and download straight onto the device.

If your favorite form of entertainment is streaming your favorite movies and TV shows, then the Formovie THEATER has you sorted.

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