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Can the picture size be adjusted when the position of the Formovie THEATER is fixed?

It is not supported for the time being. If you need to adjust the size of the screen, you need to move the position of the machine to achieve it.

How to focus on the screen of Formovie THEATER?

Formovie THEATER supports manual electric focusing. Press the left and right keys directly on the remote control page on the focus page until the screen is clear.

Does Formovie THEATER support 3D?

Formovie THEATER does not support 3D.

What are the online film and television content providers of Formovie THEATER?

The main content providers include Prime Video, You Tube, etc. More applications can be downloaded directly in the App Store, but the download permissions of each application in different countries or regions may be different. (At present, no authentication support for Netflix)

What is the smart system of Formovie THEATER?

Formovie THEATER adopts Android TV system, without opening advertisements.