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Blog posts How To Enable HDMI Source 2.0/2.1 Mode on Formovie THEATER
How To Enable HDMI Source 2.0/2.1 Mode

Ⅰ. Function introduction/explanation Projection in the case of signal source input, HDMI EDID default for Auto mode, some customers feedback after connecting PS5, some TV sticks and other peripherals, the resolution can not support 4K 60hz, but also can not open HDR and other settings. We analyze the reason for this situation is that EDID is not turned on 2.0/2.1...

How does Formovie THEATER mirror wirelessly? What are the ways?

A: The Android system utilizes the Google Chromecast function to cast screens. iOS can download third -party wireless screens in the App Store to apply Air Screen for wireless screen casting.

Does Formovie THEATER support access to network sharing files?

There is no function to support access to network sharing files, but it can be implemented through some apps with VLC multimedia player functions.

How do I restore the factory settings of the Formovie THEATER?

Press the remote control settings key or Formovie logo. Open the "About" menu and select "Factory Reset" to restore the factory settings.

How do I pair the Bluetooth remote control to the Formovie THEATER?

① After installing the remote control battery, press the power button on the projector and press the "confirmation'' key on the remote control to start connecting ②Use the remote control in close range to the projector and press the "home" and "menu" buttons simultaneously. Release your hand after hearing a beeping sound. After a successful connection, the projector will display...

What material is the shell of the Formovie THEATER made of?

It has an environmentally friendly polycarbonate shell, spray painted in a metal color

Is Formovie THEATER waterproof?

Formovie THEATER does not have a waterproof function, Do not penetrate the projector with liquid. If you want to clean the machine, use a clean cloth to wipe it.

What are the specific requirements for projection with the Formovie THEATER?

Pure white walls are the most suitable, and pale wall surfaces do not really affect the viewing experience. If a pattern wallpaper is affixed to the wall, it will have slight impact on projection, which is not recommended. In order to improve the viewing experience, you can choose the screen, which can greatly improve the viewing experience.

Does Formovie THEATER need a screen?

Not necessarily. It can present the image on any medium. Of course, for a better effect, the use of special screen imaging effects will significantly improve the image.

After the keystone correction of Formovie THEATER, why is there a shadow around it?

Since keystone correction is implemented by software, when it's under the black screen, a white shadow will appear around it, which is normal.

How do I start the keystone correction? Will it affect the picture quality?

Press the peak logo menu key, click Keystone Correction for correction at 8 points/4 points, and then select quick-tuning or fine -tuning. Since the keystone correction function is to compress the screen through the software function, the picture quality will be impacted.

Does Formovie THEATER support MEMC?

Yes, it does. You don't have to worry about the blurring and shadows in pictures when watching high-speed sports events and competitive games. Users can self-define the MEMC, and choose whether they want it open depending on the content being viewed.

Can the picture size be adjusted when the position of the Formovie THEATER is fixed?

It is not supported for the time being. If you need to adjust the size of the screen, you need to move the position of the machine to achieve it.

How to focus on the screen of Formovie THEATER?

Formovie THEATER supports manual electric focusing. Press the left and right keys directly on the remote control page on the focus page until the screen is clear.

Does Formovie THEATER support 3D?

Formovie THEATER does not support 3D.

What are the online film and television content providers of Formovie THEATER?

The main content providers include Prime Video, You Tube, etc. More applications can be downloaded directly in the App Store, but the download permissions of each application in different countries or regions may be different. (At present, no authentication support for Netflix)