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Level Up Your Cinematic Experience with an ALR Screen

Level Up Your Cinematic Experience with an ALR Screen

Ultra-short throw (UST) projectors can offer a more luxurious viewing experience than traditional long-throw projectors, with brilliant 4K UHD resolution, and sharper contrast ratios in more confined spaces. But did you know that your choice of screen or display panel can significantly affect the performance of even the most premium UST projectors? 

In dimly lit or completely dark rooms, a flat white surface can do an excellent job of delivering the stunning display you’d expect from a UST projector. However, to get the full effect of a laser TV and maximize the cinematic experience in any area, the UST projector should be paired with an ambient light-rejecting (ALR) screen instead of the traditional white matte screen or a plain white wall.

This blog will explore the benefits and disadvantages of pairing your Formovie THEATER with the dedicated Formovie Fresnel Ultra-thin ALR screen, highlighting the specific ways an ALR screen transforms your projector into a laser TV that can be used at any time of day to deliver a full immersive cinematic experience.

What Is an ALR Screen?

As the name suggests, an ambient light-rejecting screen is made with unique materials that are designed to reject nearly all the undesirable light in a room to focus on reflecting light from objects directly in front of it. Essentially, the ALR screen only reflects the light given off by the UST projector that sits directly underneath. The result is a richer display with deep dark tones and vivid colors, a feature that is appreciated most in a room with overhead lights or windows. In addition to having a sleek space-saving design that can be mounted directly on the wall, there are four main benefits to pairing your UST projector with an ALR screen:

Eliminated mirror reflection and ghosting

The Formovie Fresnel Ultra-thin ALR Screen adopts an eight-layer optical precision structure with a matte coating applied on its back layer to eliminate mirror reflection, ghosting, and sun spots on the front to ensure a comfortable visual experience. The optical precision structure is patented by Appotronics.

Improved Contrast Ratio

The ability to clearly distinguish different hues and contrasting colors is the main difference between a good display and a high-quality display. While the Formovie THEATER has an incredible 3000:1 FOFO contrast ratio, the dark tones displayed by the projector are largely dependent on the darkness of the screen or display surface. The grey hue of the ALR screen is a result of its light-rejecting properties which give it the ability to display the darkest blacks and brightest whites right next to each other. 

Enhanced Image Quality

Ambient light, whether it’s from a light bulb overhead or windows on either side of the room, has the potential to wash out the image displayed by your projector. This poses a huge threat to the quality of the display, even with the Formovie THEATER’s maximum brightness of 1800 ISO lumens. By rejecting undesirable light, ALR screens deliver an ingenious solution to the problem of washed-out colors and dark tones. The Formovie Fresnel Ultra-thin ALR Screen adopts a Fresnel prism structure, which can effectively shield surrounding light sources except for the light projected by the laser TV below. This is why the ambient occlusion value is over 85%. In this way, even when used under fluorescent lamps and natural light, the projected picture is still clear and outstanding.

Reduced Hotspots and Glare

Projectors have the potential to display bright light in centralized areas known as hotspots, leading to an uneven distribution of light on the screen, and ultimately, a distorted image. The innovative design of an ALR screen facilitates the uniform distribution of light, eliminating the appearance of bright hotspots on the screen. Additionally, light from around the room can be reflected by the screen to cause a glare that distracts from the immersive viewing experience. The specialized materials and coatings on an ALR screen repel the ambient light that creates distracting reflections. 

Wider Viewing Angle

Due to the UST projector’s proximity to the wall, it can be quite difficult for people sitting in the wing of the room to see what’s happening on the screen. Unlike traditional screens that can potentially scatter light everywhere, the Fresnel ALR screen works to direct light from the projector precisely at the audience. The strategic manipulation of light results in a wider viewing angle, alleviating the problems posed by the projector’s proximity to the screen. Whether you’re sitting directly in front of the screen or off-center, the display remains immersive from every corner of the room.  

Disadvantages of an ALR Screen

Investing in a dedicated ambient light-rejecting screen can completely level up your viewing experience, but it does come with two minor setbacks.

It Only Has One Use 

Retailing for just over $1000, the Fresnel ALR screen for Formovie THEATER can only be used with a UST projector. A traditional projector would simply be too far away, and the light it projects would most likely be rejected by the light-rejecting properties of the screen. Pairing a UST projector with the ALR screen will certainly complete the package and turn the projector into a complete laser TV, but it can’t be used for anything else. 

Restricted Size

The Formovie THEATER has a maximum screen size of up to 150 inches, which is much larger than what other UST projectors offer. Unfortunately, the Fresnel ALR screen has a total diameter of 100 inches, greatly limiting the full potential of the projector. 

Requires Careful Installation

Lastly, ALR screens require careful installation and positioning. For the convenience of transportation, we have divided the screen into several components. It will take approximately just an hour and 15 minutes for installation after you receive the goods. Improper installation or placement can result in compromised image quality and reduced performance.

The Full Cinematic Experience

While the Formovie THEATER is one of the only UST projectors that can display content in the Dolby Vision format, the projector’s complete color palette can only be fully appreciated on the appropriate screen. An ALR screen is the key ingredient for transforming your space into an immersive entertainment hub in various lighting conditions. Whether you’re gaming, watching movies, or using the projector in a presentation, an Formovie Fresnel Ultra-thin ALR Projection Screen ensures that your content is displayed with unparalleled clarity and vibrance.


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