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How Is the Formovie THEATER Reviewed?

How Is the Formovie THEATER Reviewed?

Image Source: Projector Central

Going through product reviews is an essential part of shopping for new gadgets and appliances, especially if those products are unfamiliar and come from a lesser-known brand. Hearing the opinions of professional tech reviewers and fellow product enthusiasts paints a picture of what you can expect and completely simplifies the research process. 

The Formovie THEATER is a unique product because Laser TVs are a relatively new technology that’s steadily gaining popularity around the world, so not too many people have a lot of experience or insight into them. Additionally, the Formovie THEATER is our first piece of tech to join the global market, so our brand is still establishing itself as a household name.

Nevertheless, the Formovie THEATER is twice recognized as the best triple laser Ultra-Short Throw (UST) projector in the industry, and it’s received praise from a plethora of users and trusted reviewers for delivering an incredible cinematic experience in the home. 

This blog will explore the criteria used by the adjudicators at the Laser TV Showdown to help you understand how the Formovie THEATER came out victorious in 2022 and 2023. We’ll also look at some of the Formovie THEATER’s reviews that are worth reading over, so you can get a clear idea from people who use the product how it’s transformed the way they entertain. 


Adjudication Criteria at the Laser TV Showdown


In its simplest form, a projector’s sole purpose is to display images on a big screen, whether those images are still or in motion. 21st-century projectors are required to work in different environments and lighting conditions while still displaying spectacular images to be credited as the best, and this was what the judges were tasked with assessing at the showdown. 

In last year’s Laser TV Showdown, the Formovie THEATER was put up against eight of the best projectors currently on the market where each projector was judged in three viewing modes. The first mode was optimized for a dark theater viewing environment (SDR Dark), the second mode was best suited to ambient light (SDR Day), and the final test was under the HDR Dark mode which is best for 4K HDR content in a dark room. 


Even Out the Playing Field

Each projector was chosen randomly from store shelves to balance the competition and eliminate any chance of manufacturers submitting their best product. An additional measure that was taken to ensure each projector stood a fair chance was the use of dedicated ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screens specially developed to help UST projectors maintain high contrast and brightness when a bright light is shining from directly above. According to Projector Central, co-organizers of the event, each of the projectors was also fed content from the same source.


The Essential Sound Check

A quality built-in sound system is essential in a projector that’s made to function as a replacement for a TV, so passing the audio test is an integral part of being the best. The judges at the Laser TV Showdown tested each projector's audio capabilities in the same room, with the same audio, and in each sound mode that was available on the projector.   


Quality Guarantee

Needless to say, based on the rigorous evaluation conducted against some of the best brands including Hisense and BenQ, the Formovie THEATER is considered the number one UST projector by six of the best display calibrators and display tech reviewers in the industry.


What Do People Who Use Formovie THEATER Think? 


We take the same rigorous measures used at the Showdown when testing each Formovie THEATER for the market, so every customer is guaranteed the same high-quality product in their home whether the projector is used in ambient light or a dark space. 

It received a five-star review from people who purchased it and left a comment on our website, with the most recent comment highlighting that this is the most spectacular display they’ve encountered in the 3 decades they’ve worked professionally with motion pictures. 


It received four stars from the reviewers at AVForums and Make Use Of with Phil Hinton of AVF stating that the Formovie THEATER provides a delicate mix of features, image quality, and screen size options. It’s considered to be a 4.5-star performer by the Android Police who described the Formovie THEATER as having an impressive background in Asia with support from leading brands like Xiaomi and Appotronics.


Recommended for Gaming

The Formovie THEATER was part of the 25+ products to consider on Black Friday that were featured on the TuTecnoMundo YouTube channel last year. In addition to categorizing the Formovie THEATER as a premium product, the reviewer went on to say that describing the display as incredible is an understatement. He tested it for playing games on a PlayStation 5, as well as watching movies and videos, an experience that he describes as immersive. 


The Formovie THEATER Ticks Every Box


Regardless of where the Formovie THEATER is used, be it in the living room, home theater, or showroom, it’s a tried and tested product that delivers outstanding image quality consistently. Make it a part of your home’s entertainment package and see the magic for yourself.

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