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How Formovie THEATER Produces Images of Remarkable Quality

Ultimate viewing experience with Formovie THEATER Laser projector

The shift from analog to digital came with the introduction of all sorts of display technologies for cell phones, televisions, and even projectors. We’ve become absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to the quality of the display of our devices, so it’s almost crucial to understand the different technologies to know which one will display the best images. This is undoubtedly a priority for anyone looking to purchase and own a projector or laser TV, perhaps just as important as the screen size. Let’s explore how the Formovie THEATER combines a unique set of technologies like ALPD, Dolby Vision, and MEMC to display motion pictures of stunning quality, and provide a viewing experience that sets it apart from other laser TVs. 

A Bigger Screen for Life-size images

On average, laser TVs can display on a screen between 80 - 130 inches, which is significantly larger than the display provided by the standard TV. The Formovie THEATER can fill a screen of up to 150 inches from about 49 cm away from the screen, making it one of the UST projectors with the largest screen. A screen that size can have you feeling immersed in life-size images for a surreal experience.


Vivid Color Display Provided by ALPD 4.0 RGB+ Technology

A significant development in projector technology is laser light, which has steadily been improved over time to fine-tune imperfections like speckle noise. ALPD is the acronym for Advanced Laser Phosphor Display, a fluorescent laser technology developed by Appotronics to produce really bright images with sharp color details. Formovie THEATER utilizes the latest ALPD 4.0 technology which pays special attention to delivering an accurate display of colors, as bright as possible. The result is a wider color gamut that permits the production of various dark tones, which create a stunning contrasting effect alongside vivid, bright colors. 

Formovie THEATER laser projector de-speckle noise with ALPD technology


The combination of laser light and phosphor light cancels the miniature black and white dots (speckle) that distort the clarity of the image, allowing the projector to display sharp pictures. The clarity of the picture is not compromised even when the display is adjusted to the maximum size of 150 inches. Due to the nature of UST projectors, there is the added benefit of protection from eye damage because unlike Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), the light doesn’t shine directly into your eyes but is instead reflected on the screen.

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4K UHD Resolution for Lifelike Image Display

Resolution in images describes the number of pixels displayed per inch of an image. The more pixels an image has, the higher the resolution will be, giving rise to more detailed images. According to an article on Samsung’s website, 4K resolution has a total of more than 8 million pixels per inch, thus creating images with ultra-high definition (UHD). This combined with ALPD 4.0 adds to the reduction of speckle noise, for the display of crystal clear images on an enlarged screen.  Each individual hair, tear or sweat drop is displayed in crystal clarity for a breathtaking viewing experience. 

Formovie THEATER 4k projector: 720p vs 1080p vs 4k UHD

Dynamic Scene Adjustment with Dolby Vision

Another feature of the Formovie THEATER is the ability to support Dolby Vision. It’s the world’s first laser projector to be Dolby certified for this feature. Dolby Vision is one of the leading High-Dynamic Range (HDR) technologies developed by Dolby to provide sharper contrast and richer details in video content. This is achieved with the use of dynamic metadata that adjusts the lighting and contrast in each scene to replicate the captured image as accurately as possible. 

In 2021, reported that Netflix announced Dolby Vision as their HDR format of choice for TV shows and films because it has a broad color gamut, making images appear more realistic. The accuracy and range in lighting, as well as the color display capabilities offered by Dolby Vision far exceed that of other HDR formats, however HDR 10+ is a strong competitor. 


HDR 10+ for Additional Scene Adjustment 

Not all content is created using the Dolby Vision format. However, this isn’t a problem for the Formovie THEATER because it also supports HDR10+, a high dynamic range format developed by Samsung, Panasonic, and 20th Century Fox. It’s an open format, which means that no royalties or license fees are paid for the integration of HDR10+ to a TV, laser TV, or cell phone. While HDR 10 optimizes the display at the beginning of a video, HDR 10+ behaves more like Dolby Vision to accurately adjust video content scene-by-scene. 


Fast-Paced Frame Transitions with MEMC   

Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) is a technology that minimizes the lag between two frames, for a smooth transition between frames with high-speed action. When watching a movie on a 150-inch screen, the subtle glitches and blurs of a video are clearly visible, so MEMC is quite an essential feature for big screen projectors such as the Formovie THEATER.   

Formovie THEATER ultra short throw projector with MEMC

Faster Gaming Provided by ALLM

Latency describes the delay between the input and the response of a command given to a machine. Low latency is most preferable for playing video games because there’s constant communication between the gaming console and the TV/projector, and as such Low Latency Mode is sometimes referred to as game mode. Formovie THEATER has an Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM), eliminating the process of scrolling between different menus to find the game mode. This combined with MEMC makes for an immersive gaming experience that has minimal lag.


The Final Result

Overall, the Formovie THEATER displays stunning images from a variety of formats to create realistic images, and deliver the best viewing experience. The specific combination of display technologies within this laser TV makes it a leading choice when deciding which UST projector to buy. Formovie THEATER is committed to providing an immersive experience that goes beyond just the size of the screen.    

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