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Formovie Laser TV 4K Cinema — Capable for your life

Formovie Laser TV 4K Cinema

A laser TV enhances family happiness

If there is any household appliance that can greatly enhance happiness, it must be a large-screen projection device for immersive enjoyment. Every time you relax at night, you can lie comfortably on the sofa and use it to play your favorite hit dramas. The sense of leisure atmosphere is instantly full. The exhaustion of the day is swept away, and the whole day is lit by this moment. To enhance happiness, you might as well try Formovie Laser TV 4K Cinema. With its 0.23 :1 large depth of field and ultra-short focal lens design, 4K Cinema can easily project a large size of picture over 100 inches. Whether watching movie or playing game, it is a shocking experience that a small LCD TV can hardly match. With the large projection picture, 4K Cinema always provides an immersive atmosphere for the audio-visual entertainment experience.

Award-winning 4K Cinema

Formovie Laser TV 4K Cinema has won the 2019 Good Design Award. The ‘Good Design Award’ was founded in 1957 and is one of the three major industrial product design awards in the world. All products that have obtained the ‘G’ (Good Design) mark represent a double guarantee of design and quality. Not only that, 4K Cinema has also won the China Laser Display Awards, CESI Laboratory Eye Care Certification and other honors, relying on its outstanding performance.The repeated international awards prove that 4K Cinema is a hard-core product with "appearance" and "strength", and is also the market's recognition of this product time and timeagain.

Super-hardcore 4K Cinema

4K Cinema has a 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, and up to 150-inch large screen.

It is equipped with ALPD®️ laser fluorescent display technology, in which the proportion of red light is as high as 16%-18%, and the colors of characters and natural are more realistic. At the same time, the picture brightness reaches 2100 ANSI lumens, coupled with the native contrast ratio of 3000:1 and HDR 10 decoding, so that the bright parts can be displayed well, and the dark parts also can be clearly presented.

Through diffuse reflection imaging and low blue light performance, it is mor eye-friendly when watching.

In terms of product design, 4K Cinema is also rich in meaningful details. The shape is very simple, but it brings a strong sense of texture. The Good Design Award and the iF 2020 Product Design Award give it international authoritative recognition in appearance design. 

In addition to high-quality pictures, 4K Cinema also supports DOLBY and DTS dual audio decoding, which can restore the original sound of the movie to the greatest extent, creating an immersive audio-visual experience.

Many advantages make Formovie Laser TV 4K Cinema very suitable for home entertainment and office meetings, and can bring a very good experience.

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