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Enjoy These Major Sports Events With Formovie

Boost your sports watching experience with Formovie THEATER Laser Projector

We’ve officially entered the fourth and final quarter of the year, and regardless of where you are in the world and what season it is, the remainder of 2022’s global sports calendar is bringing some serious heat. It’s the dream of many to enjoy the game at the stadium, seeing the players in real-time as the clock counts down the minutes. However, if you and your friends just couldn't get your hands on tickets to England or New Zealand to see the rugby, or perhaps Qatar is just too far for you to enjoy the FIFA World Cup, hosting may just be the next best option. We’ve curated a list of the season’s major sporting events to look forward to, giving you more reasons to enjoy the larger-than-large screen of your entertainment area.

A Mesmerizing Experience With Any Occasion  

Formovie is dedicated to creating a life-like display of images for the most captivating experience of live sporting action, so regardless of what you enjoy watching, you can rest assured that you and your party will be fully immersed in the action. What do you need for the ultimate viewing experience? An extra large and wide screen so that you can catch every piece of the action up-close, a captivating sound system to activate all the senses, a variety of options for viewing different content, and the freedom to watch the game from anywhere with the power of a portable machine, and this well laid out list of sports games for you to enjoy. Formovie has it all.

FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA president Gianni Infantino reported in May that the 2022 World Cup has an expected audience of 5 billion people around the world, making it the most anticipated sporting event of 2022. This year’s tournament will be iconic for two more reasons: This is the first time that a country in the Middle East, Qatar,  will be hosting the FIFA World Cup. The second reason is this is the last time that this tournament will have a 32-team lineup. An article on The Sporting News reports that starting in 2026, 48 teams will battle for the title of world champions. You can schedule a big screen viewing party for the opening game on November 20th when the hosts take on the South American country of Ecuador. 

While the four-year countdown to the FIFA World Cup hasn’t exactly come to an end yet, the sporting world has a selection of fixtures to raise our competitive spirits while we wait. 

Women’s Rugby World Cup

New Zealand will host the 2022 Women’s Rugby World Cup which is set to begin on the 8th of October, and last until November 12. This is the 9th tournament since the league was established in 1991, and we’re keen to find out if the hosting country will walk away victorious and defend its title for the 6th time. This is also a well-anticipated sporting event due to the fact that it was postponed last year, amid the global pandemic. The first day of the tournament will feature 3 games: South Africa vs  France, Fiji vs England, and Australia vs New Zealand.

Rugby League World Cup

We can expect the Rugby League World Cup to kick off in England on October 15th and last until November 19th. The last time that the tournament was hosted in 2017, England were the champions, so they’ll be defending their title this year against 15 other teams. They’re also set to host this year’s games, starting with a match against Samoa.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

On October 16th Sri Lanka will play the opening match of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup against Namibia, at the Geelong Cricket Ground in Victoria, Australia. 16 teams will battle for the title of World Champions until the final game of the tournament is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on November 13th. 

Product Recommendations

If you’re not yet a part of the Formovie family, there’s a range of options to choose from to get you on the right team, whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive home theater system or a pocket-sized entertainment package.

UST Projectors

Formovie THEATER 

  • Our star player is the 150-inch screen Formovie THEATER that packs an impressive 4800 ANSI lumens of brightness, 300:1 FOFO contrast, and 4K Ultra-High Definition for crystal clear images day or night. This combination gives you the power to enjoy all of your favorite fixtures without the fear of a dull image caused by ambient light. 
  • The built-in Bowers & Wilkins speakers deliver a rich and robust 30W of audio that is enhanced by Dolby ATMOS to replicate the atmosphere of the stadium and immerse you deeper into the sporting activity.
  • This Ultra-Short Throw projector is fitted with Motion Estimation, and Motion Compensation (MEMC) for a smooth frame-to-frame transition of the fast-paced sporting action, and it supports both Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ so you have access to the best dynamic range video content. 
  • There are multiple wireless and cable connectivity options like HDMI and WIFI so you can watch all of your sports either on cable TV subscriptions, or any of the 5000 Android TV apps that can be downloaded directly onto the laser TV. There’s also the option to connect another device via Bluetooth, or Chromecast

Formovie 4K Cinema

  • The second laser TV is the Formovie 4K Cinema which uses ALPD 3.0® and TI DLP® Technology to produce vivid colors and crystal clear images in a 4K UHD resolution. It has 2100 ANSI lumens of projection brightness and a 3000:1 FOFO contrast rate for a powerful showcase of videos. The screen display can be adjusted to the extra large size of 150 inches
  • The 30W built-in sound system is DTS & DOLBY certified,  for a surround sound experience
  • It operates on Android TV™ 9.0 OS and has multiple USB and HDMI ports to give you a wider range of content to choose from. 

A Winning Combination

The Formovie THEATER has emerged as the underdog of 2022 to be crowned the champion at this year’s Laser TV Showdown, in both the video and sound categories, according to a report by Projector Central. So why not watch the world’s best sports on this year’s best laser TV? You can bring the atmosphere of the stadium into your entertainment area with Formovie’s range of Dolby-certified UST projectors that are created for breathtaking video and sound quality. Sign up for the newsletter and receive $200 off your next purchase on the Formovie website.    

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