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ALPD 4.0® Truly Enhances the Laser Projector Experience

ALPD 4.0® Truly Enhances the Laser Projector Experience

We’re all quite familiar with the idea of laser projectors now and have reached the point where we can begin to analyze the different types of laser display technology and ask which is better than the rest. Advanced Laser Phosphor Display (ALPD®) is a display technology that strives to deliver the most realistic and cinematic image displays by using a combination of multi-color lasers, and fluorescent materials that are activated by laser light. It was developed in 2007 and has since been improved to create world-class projectors with incredible display capabilities.

ALPD® technology has been perfected over more than 15 years, with each version of the technology being made better than the last. ALPD 2.0®, the second generation, made the significant addition of a reflective phosphor wheel that helped to better control the fluorescent materials. The most advanced version of the technology, ALPD 4.0®, has made the groundbreaking addition of specialized RGB lasers that provide more color definition than ever before while maintaining the brightness and light efficiency provided by using excited phosphor materials.

Approtronics, the creators of ALPD® technology, constantly strive to improve their tech and ultimately their products. So while ALPD 4.0® provides quite possibly the most brilliant displays currently on the laser projector market, the future of this tech is exciting to ponder.

From Laser Projector to Laser TV

Having a projector has long been the solution to creating a cinematic environment in your home, or providing a sufficient display for business presentations. A laser TV, or Ulta-Short Throw (UST) projector, allows you to have this experience more regularly and conveniently by providing a massive screen in a regular-sized room.

In a situation where one would need no less than one meter between the projector and the screen, the UST projector can thrive at less than 60cm from the screen. Laser technology like ALPD 4.0®, used in the Formovie THEATER, also reaches a wider color gamut than previous generations to provide more vivid color accuracy than a regular laser projector.

All things considered, laser TVs aren’t very popular because they’re relatively more expensive and harder to make. ALPD 4.0® technology solves this problem while still delivering exceptional, ultra-high-definition graphics in the display. It’s the ultimate technology for creating a flagship, award-winning laser TV like the Formovie THEATER.

Formovie THEATER Provides the Ultimate Laser Projector Experience

The Formovie THEATER was created as the ultimate test of ALPD 4.0® technology, and it’s an experiment that’s a true success. Formovie THEATER displays 107% of the Rec2020 color gamut, which covers approximately 75% of the visible spectrum, according to Android Authority. This is 40% more than what is achieved by the DCI-P3 color gamut and significantly more than what the sRGB color gamut can cover, which is only about 33%. The Formovie THEATER displays a whopping total of 1.07 billion of the colors visible on the spectrum, giving it the ability to handle very sharp contrast in images.

Additionally, the Formovie THEATER reaches peak brightness at an astonishing 2800 ANSI lumens, bright enough to combat the ambient light of day. This quality, in addition to its distance from the screen, makes it the perfect replacement for a standard TV in the living room. The high-definition display provided by ALPD 4.0® is perfect for movies and videos, as well as for console and PC gaming

Put to the test against some of the biggest names in the industry, the Formovie THEATER comes out on top. In an intense battle hosted by Projector Central and, the 2022 Laser TV Showdown, Formovie THEATER took the first prize and is currently the reigning champion for the title of the best laser TV in the game. It truly speaks to the full potential of ALPD 4.0® technology.

ALPD 4.0® and Beyond

Advanced Laser Phosphor Display technology is the light source of choice for our laser projectors. ALDP 4.0® has allowed the team at Formovie to create a truly consumer-friendly product that rivals even the most premium laser projectors in the market. The Formovie THEATER is a combination of the best ALPD technology and audio tech from Dolby and Bowers & Wilkins that delivers a cinematic home theater experience that is second to none. When you’re ready to explore the joys of owning a 4K UHD laser projector, consider investing in a UST projector like Formovie THEATER for the ultimate experience.

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