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How is the built -in sound of Formovie THEATER?

Formovie THEATER's audio is designed from Sound by Bowers & Wilkins. Nets, large capacitors, patented honeycomb pipes, the choice of luxury cars and professional enthusiasts, with Dolby ATMOS, bringing shocking hearing feelings.

Does Formovie THEATER support Dolby Vision?

Yes, Formovie THEATER has a contrast of 3000: 1, the ultra -high specification HDR standard used by professional directors, Dolby Vision, and color boundaries are clearly visible, allowing the eyes to grasp each detail and support the three major HDR format standards. Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10 decoding.

How about the color gamut of Formovie THEATER?

Formovie THEATER has BT.2020 ultra -wide color gamut, 1.07 billion color display, color transition is more delicate, display images are closer to the real natural view

Does the Formovie THEATER support far-field voice?

Formovie THEATER supports far-field Voice.

What is the material of the lens of the Formovie THEATER?

The lens of Formovie THEATER is made of glass + resin.

Can Formovie THEATER be automatically keystone corrected?

Formovie THEATER supports 4 and 8 points of manual keystone correction.

Does the Formovie THEATER support WiFi6 ?

Formovie THEATER supports WiFi6.

Does the Formovie THEATER support the side throw function?

Formovie THEATER does not support side throw function.

Can Formovie THEATER be used as Bluetooth speakers?

Formovie THEATER has a built -in two speakers, with a total output power of 30W, which can be used as an independent Bluetooth speaker. After entering the Bluetooth mode, you can use your mobile phone to connect. How to enter the Bluetooth speaker mode : Press the keys on the top right of the remote control or press the peak...

What is the power consumption of Formovie THEATER?

The maximum power consumption of the whole machine is about 350W.

How bad is the noise of the Formovie THEATER, will it affect the movie viewing?

Formovie THEATER Observation Mode ≤ 28dB of a circulation temperature 25 ℃ 1m, only wind noise.

What are inclued in the Formovie THEATER package?

The main body of the machine, the Bluetooth voice remote control and the battery, the power cord, the manual, and the cleaning cloth.

What is the brightness of Formovie THEATER?

The brightness of Formovie THEATER is 2800 ANSI lumens. The main brightness mode includes office mode, movie viewing mode, and night mode.

What is the throw ratio of Formovie THEATER?

The throw ratio of Formovie THEATER is 0.233: 1.

What is the configuration of Formovie THEATER speaker?

2 x15W speakers, 2*0.7L oversized cavity, are designed and customized by global high -end audio brand Bower & Wilkins. Horiko nets, patented cellular inverted pipes, support Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD, DTS-X decoding authentication; B & W sound effects. The main sound mode is games, theaters, music, news, sports, softness and custom.

Does Formovie THEATER support infrared remote control?

Not supported. The machine comes with the remote control of the Bluetooth voice remote control.