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Xming Q1 SE

Formovie Dice

Formovie P1

Good Design Award

Premio al Buen Diseño

iF Design Award

Premio de Diseño iF

CES Innovation Award

Premio a la Innovación CES

THX certified


TUV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland


Can a portable projector enhance your camp trip

Can a Portable Projector Enhance Your Camping Trip?

Bringing a portable projector along could just take your camping trip to the next level by bringing a new twist to your usual outdoor retreat.

Formovie projectors for indoor workout

Create the Ultimate At-Home Workout With a Projector

This guide explores essential features to look out for when buying a home projector that is perfect for a gym room, plus a list of the ultimate workouts to try on the big screen. 

The Difference Between Lamp, LED, and Laser Projectors

The Difference Between Lamp, LED, and Laser Projectors

Choosing a lamp, LED or laser light projector usually has the biggest effect on the picture quality and accuracy of displayed colors, because the brighter the light source, the more details are visible. 

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