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Watch Christmas movies on a huge screen projector
Snuggle Up for Christmas Movies with Formovie

Formovie has created the perfect list of family-friendly movie options for you to keep the whole gang snuggled up, entertained, and in the Christmas spirit.

Formovie THEATER set up guide
Set Your Formovie THEATER Up Like a Pro

The most important part of your setup process is finding the ideal placement for your UST projector, and deciding which wall is most suitable for screen placement.

Projector Guide : How to Choose the Best Ultra Short Throw Projector
Let Formovie Help You Choose the Best UST Projector

The options for laser TVs have increased as a result of consumer demand, and it’s become increasingly difficult to choose the best one for your home.

Formovie THEATER 4k projector for best gaming experiences
Gaming Is Far Better on a 4K Formovie Projector

While gaming on your pc or phone can be convenient, there’s absolutely no better way to be immersed in a game than with a massive 4K UHD screen. 

Formovie Black Friday Sales : Best price for all Formovie  projectors.
Invest in a Formovie Projector This Black Friday

The long-awaited retail sale of the year is finally here, and Formovie’s inaugural Black Friday is the greatest time to spoil yourself with the latest offers in projector technology. 

Smooth Sports Streaming on Formovie THEATER 4K Laser TV
Sports Is a Drag Without MEMC, Formovie Explains Why

 So when shopping for an entertainment system, a key feature to look out for is Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) that smooths the transition between frames and displays a realistic motion picture. 

Why should you choose a 4k laser projector
Why Do You Need a 4K Projector? Formovie Has the Answer

With a majority of the latest films and television shows being produced in the highest possible quality, it’s quite essential to consider including a 4K UHD projector in your home theater.

Halloween movie recommendations for kids and family from Formovie
Formovie Spooky Movie List

We’d love to go into more gruesome detail, so we’ve compiled a list of eerie Halloween movies that tell these stories in stunning visual clarity,  just as Formovie was intended to do.

Special Halloween night ideas from Formovie
Formovie Halloween Party Game Night 

This is the template for an epic halloween party for the whole family, curated by Formovie.   

Stream FIFA World Cup sports on Formovie THEATER 4K Projector
Be Game Ready for The FIFA World Cup with Formovie THEATER

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar starting on Sunday, November 20, with a game between the host nation and Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium.

Boost your sports watching experience with Formovie THEATER Laser Projector
Enjoy These Major Sports Events With Formovie

We’ve curated a list of the season’s major sporting events to look forward to, giving you more reasons to enjoy the larger-than-large screen of your entertainment area.

Ultimate viewing experience with Formovie THEATER Laser projector
How Formovie THEATER Produces Images of Remarkable Quality

We’ve become absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to the quality of the display of our devices, so it’s almost crucial to understand the different technologies to know which one will display the best images.

Home entertainments with an ultra short throw projector
5 Ways to Unwind into the Weekend with Formovie THEATER

The weekend is a great time to unwind by yourself, or catch up with everyone. But let’s admit it, even though we love having all our friends and family over, no one ever wants to talk about how tough it is to keep everyone entertained.

Laser TV vs OLED TV
Can You Replace Your TV With a Laser TV?

Laser TV is slowly gaining momentum as a favorite for home theater entertainment. The question is, however, can a laser TV replace third-generation TVs as the centerpiece of the living room?

Ultra short throw vs long throw projector: which should you choose
Ultra Short Throw vs Long Throw Projectors - Which Should You Choose?

When thinking about setting up or updating a home entertainment area, one of the coolest appliances to have is a projector that will give you the biggest possible display for the space you have.

How does brightness affect your viewing experience on a 4K projector
How ANSI Lumens Affects Your Viewing Experience

When buying a projector, it’s important to consider what you will be using it for and where you will be using it, so you can determine which projector best suits your needs.